Inarix releases protein rate analysis on smartphones

For the last few years, our team has been working to create a unique solution, designed to transform grain quality assessment into a quick and easy-to-use process, creating a strategic digital asset usable anywhere in the supply chain.

This vision is now coming to life with the launch of protein measurement for wheat and barley. This criteria is the latest addition to the range of analyses available on our mobile application, PocketLab.

Inarix PocketLab criteria icons

After multiple harvests in real-case scenarios with our partners, we are proud to offer our technology to all the actors of the agricultural industry, offering a wide range of application possibilities both on-site and on field.

Our solution allows you to analyse protein levels by creating digital twins of your existing measurements machines, thus extending your fleet at lower cost and making it mobile.

How does it work?

The analysis requires 2 photos, and the protein rate of the sample is displayed in return. As simple as that!

Inarix PocketLab criteria icons